Building Standard HTML Sales Pages Into WordPress Is Now Possible With This Awesome New "Point-and-Click" WordPress Plugin, . . .

Now You Can Transform html Sales Pages & Mini-Sites Into WordPress With Just A Few Simple Clicks!

Dear Fellow Netpreneur,

The game just changed for anyone that uses html sales pages to sell or promote ANYTHING!....

…. The reasons for this are very simple and I’m about to share them with you.

Now there’s a way for you to host your html sales pages in just minutes using WordPress…(this is a really big deal which I'll explain as you read on!)

…That means less time to publish your html sales pages (or republish those you already have). In fact, you can convert any standard html web page into a WordPress page using "HTML IN WORDPRESS" html Page Converter.

BUT,.. more importantly than that,.. you can now wrap other WordPress pages & posts around your newly transformed publications for POWERFUL SEO and SEM benefits!

Look,… our new WordPress plugin “HTML IN WORDPRESS” has been over 7 months in planning, development beta testing and bug fixing by one of the worlds leading WP and php script professionals and the end result is that it just flat out works 100% of the time, simply, easily, quickly & powerfully!

The fact is – if you use html sales pages for any of your products or services then you’ll get far superior results when you transform them into WordPress pages,,,, that’s what WP-Transforner does,- it takes your html sales pages and then transforms them into WordPress pages to appear EXACTLY the same as the original!

"HTML IN WORDPRESS" Wordpress Page Converter Plugin Will Be The Secret Weapon Of Choice For All Astute Internet Marketers In 2013 & Beyond.

You Can Either Join Their Ranks or Try To Compete With Them For The Same Sort of Powerful Results! 


There’s no smoke-&-mirrors routine going on here folks, I’m going to explain EXACTLY how HTML IN WORDPRESS works so there’s no mystery to it!

You don’t really need to understand the working mechanisms but I’ll describe the principle very simply so that you can get it.

Original html code and images are retained – we’re not trying to reinvent the wheel here! The HTML IN WORDPRESS plugin script performs 3 simple tasks,....

  Style Sheet (style.css) Fully Replicated
  Index Page (index.html) Fully Replicated
  Images (folder/images/) Fully Replicated

The html Sales Page Example You Saw In The Video Above was Replicated Identically In WordPress by HTML IN WORDPRESS In Just
2 Minutes & 01 Second!

...and that was including added time for the guided walk-through!

Click on the 2 separate images below to see both the original html page and the HTML IN WORDPRESS converted sales page.

Original html Webpage

I was getting fed up of having to spend ages (sometimes a whole day) just to replicate my html sales page content into WordPress.

Why oh why was I so concerned about having my sales pages published using WordPress?… Simply because I was seeing remarkable & rapid results whenever I used WordPress for a sales page,… the difference was astounding!

There just had to be a better, simpler, quicker and reliable way to do this. So being adept at such things I found a way to replicate the styling and index pages and put them into a template manually along with uploading images to a new folder ,- all done manually….

… So then I just set to work with my expert coder to create a script that would do all of the work automatically,- Enter the extraordinary WordPress “HTML IN WORDPRESS” plugin!

It wasn’t so simple though,… we kept failing to replicate this process simply & reliably, but not being daunted we pressed on and….

... We Finally Found The Key To Making This Process Work Automatically
EVERY Single Time!

HTML IN WORDPRESS plugin was months in development because we had to overcome many hurdles to allow for all the variables that are encountered with different html pages and files.

  Single Page Styled Index Files (index.html)
No Problem!
  Varying Types of Stylesheet (style.css)
No Problem!
  Varying Image Types (.jpeg .png .gif)
No Problem!
  Varying File Paths (absolute, partial, ref)
No Problem!

The Possibilities For This Are
Enormous And Exciting!

You Can Now In Minutes Publish All Your html Sales Pages In WordPress And Add Your Footer Pages, Keyword Rich Posts & Other Content,- Plus…

  Use to host single page websites & landing pages
  Use to host html based squeeze pages & video pages
  Use to blend html pages with blog and web2.0 content

The Search Engines Will Crawl Your html Based Sales Page As A WordPress Page In A WordPress Site!

That’s right,.. you retain all the simplicity and formatting control of your original html page and can of course edit it in your htnl editor of choice,.. but the actual page itself is a WordPress page that uses its own special template.

All your converted html pages will now show up in your WordPress site map and be seen as WordPress content

Anyone that’s told you SEO doesn’t matter to sales pages and that standard html is as good or better than WordPress is either uninformed or simply lying to you!

A web-page is a web-page and that’s what Google ranks… “pages” NOT “sites”.. AND there’s no other web page generator on the Internet to my knowledge that can do as good a job as WordPress does when it comes to sucking in traffic and getting the attention of the search engines.

Here's Another Example of HTML IN WORDPRESS In Action
Featuring extra long html sales letter, stylesheet, Index file & 206 images!        Replicated by HTML IN WORDPRESS in 5 minutes & 07 seconds (see video above)     

Original html Webpage


In-built Controls Allow You To Add Keyword Meta-Data
For Awesome SEO Benefits!

Want To Add Powerful SEO Keywords, Titles & Descriptions To Your Newly Converted HTML IN WORDPRESS Sales Page?..
NO PROBLEM! HTML IN WORDPRESS meta-data SEO Keyword Phrase input fields Make It So Easy!

For added coolness and extra SEO power we've added a really neat feature that's built in to HTML IN WORDPRESS plugin that allows you to add your own meta-keywords, title and description so that every page is optimized just as if you'd used the best SEO WP plugin to do the job for you.

Create page => View Source,- and you'll see all that HOT SEO sauce right there!


"a much needed great product...."

Hi Russell & JayKay, Congratulations on a much needed great product. Please bring more like these!



"Beats doing everything manually....."

Thanks, and great idea for a plugin. Beats doing everything manually. Gotta love plugins for automation. This will save a lot of time versus doing the conversion the "old" way. Would it be nerdy to say that I was actually excited as I read through the salesletter?

Tommy Linsley


"Thanks for a wonderful opportunity...."

This looks like something I will use time and time again - specially on my authority sites. Thanks for a wonderful opportunity and yet another wonderful product from UM.

Steve Dorrington


  Replicate single-page html site & sales pages
  Replicate entire mini-sites
  Do it all in minutes,- with a few mouse clicks!

Oh Yeah... and of course the page you're reading right now was created in html & then converted to WordPress

Yes,.. that's right,- you're on a WordPress site reading a WordPress page right now!!

That's the beauty of this system,... if you're more handy and creative making sales pages in html using either Frontpage, Dreamweaver, Komposer or any other html editor then that's just fine,...

...because now you can go right ahead and create your sales pages using html and then use HTML IN WORDPRESS to convert them into WP pages quickly, easily and EXACTLY as you set them out using your html editor of choice!


YES JayKay,.. I'd love to start converting html pages into WordPress right away under a Single Site User License!

I understand that using HTML IN WORDPRESS plugin is super simple and that I'll be able to replicate any standard html web page into a WordPress site within minutes,...

... with HTML IN WORDPRESS I can integrate my html sales & web pages using any WordPress theme as HTML IN WORDPRESS is NOT theme dependent!

As a purchaser of HTML IN WORDPRESS plugin I'll receive all future upgrades absolutely free of charge and will also be given free support whenever it may be required!

HTML IN WORDPRESS Single Site User License comes with a full 30-day guarantee so if I am not 100% satisfied with it's awesome power and user-friendly features I may claim a refund which would be processed in full immediately

Gold Satisfaction Guarantee

Single Site User License
$97 Just $67

Single Site User License Allows Unlimited Use On Any Single Domain
(Single domain ID change may be notified at any time by the user)
Multiple Site User License
$197 Just $127
Multi Site User License Allows Unlimited Use On ALL Your Domains

"with this i can put up 10 pages and blogs in half an hour,- Outstanding...."

I have been looking for this solution for nearly a year. I am very happy with the product. ...this along with WordPress's under 5 minute install, makes getting [html] sites up FAST. Later editing can be a bit time consuming, but still with this i can put up 10 pages and blogs in half an hour, not including editing the sales pages first. Outstanding.

Kelvin Brown

Warmest regards,

Russell Hall & JayKay Bak

P.S: With the Single-Site User License you will be able to upgrade later to an extended Multiple-Site  License if you wish to have unlimited use across multiple sites.

P.P.S: This HTML IN WORDPRESS sales page you're reading now was converted from html to WordPress in just 2 minutes and 24 seconds using our HTML IN WORDPRESS plugin :-)


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